About Us

We are your Orlando home builder, and our goal is to build the highest quality home at the best possible price. One of our goals is to offer as many high quality options/selections as possible without charging you so the home buying process is as smooth and enjoyable as possible as well as enabling us greater purchasing power.

Sometimes in the new construction industry, builders either show the highest quality products in a model home but quote a price that does not include those products or have base package of materials and then have a price upgrade list. So the initial price you are shown may be low but as you start adding upgrades that will create your Orlando dream home, you have eclipsed a price that is way beyond what your expectations may have been. You may equate that to going to the car dealership and looking at the price of the car but that price doesn’t include floor mats.

Also benefits of concentrating our purchasing power on higher quality products are two-fold:

1. It streamlines the building and material selection process for the customer, builder and supplier.

2. It allows us to concentrate our purchasing on fewer high quality products and obtain lower pricing to pass onto the home buyer.

We all want the best of everything and by an ongoing effort to lower our prices we will always strive to achieve that in our homes.


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Kurt Wettermann – President